Why go with AME?

We're a one-stop shop for your entertainment needs! Whether you're a Talent Buyer or an entertainer yourself... we handle both facets of the business. Our commitment to providing quality entertainment to Talent Buyers, coupled with our dedication to developing, managing and booking unique and relevant acts from the ground up... makes AME the most unique and multi-faceted Agency in Chicago.

Brief History

Formed in 2005, Alliance Music Entertainment was formed for the sole purpose of managing, booking and promoting the very best live bands that Chicago has to offer! In only a few short years, AME has securely carved out a niche among the Chicago-based music management and booking agencies by adhering to one main principle... quality over quantity.

Our Bands ROCK!

We're not just your "run-of-the-mill" booking agency! We also concentrate on creating bands from top to bottom, to fill specific voids in the current marketplace. Our "Exclusive to AME Acts" are unique conceptual-based bands that provide some relief from the "same old, same old" band in every local bar. They are comprised of some of the finest musicians Chicago has to offer and we provide them with some of the best resources the scene has to offer.

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